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Coral Calcium is an excellent ingredient for any supplement: it is an organic form of calcium carbonate with 73 trace minerals.

Types of Coral Calcium supplements are: encapsulated, powder, granulated, softgel and tablet.

Encapsulated: The most common supplement type of Coral Calcium. Coral LLC offers encapsulated product in 45, 90, 180 and 300 count bottles. Particle size of the encapsulated product is -325mesh.

Powder: A great alternative for customers that do not enjoy taking capsules. Particle size for this form is -625mesh.

Granulated: This type is becoming popular as coloring and flavoring can be added to neutral tasting Coral Calcium.

Softgel: Another popular type of supplement, delivering liquid ingredients in a clear capsule.

Tablet: Granulated Coral Calcium is used to make tablets, usually via compression.


Coral Calcium is used as an agent in applications below:

  • Oral Care
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Shaving
  • Makeup
  • Bath

Coral calcium acts as an agent in cosmetic formulations, and agent role varies by product type: Buffering, Abrasive, Bulking, Opacifying and more.

Water Filtration

Coral Calcium is used in various types of water filtration systems, usually placed in a cartridge (for ease of replacement) and typically this cartridge is placed at the final stage of filtration. The purpose of Coral Calcium is to re-mineralize water that has been purified (especially after Reverse Osmosis).


Coral LLC Ag grade Coral Calcium has been approved to be used in crop fertilizers and soil amendments for organic produce by Organic Certifiers (

Animal Feed / Livestock /Pets

Coral LLC Livestock grade Coral Calcium has been approved to be used in feed by Organic Certifiers (